Applying to Azalea

Posted October 30, 2012

Are you thinking about applying to Azalea Agency for representation?  Let me give you some advice that will help you make the best first impression that you can make!


Do your research.

Take the time to read through Azalea’s website and our FAQs.  The website will answer many of your questions about how our process works as well as how the agency works.  It can be intimidating to put yourself out there and it will help you feel more comfortable if you have an understanding of the agency.


Follow directions.

Under the sign with us tab, directions for applying are outlined.  Azalea asks to see a headshot and a full body shot.  Please don’t send two headshots or just one image total.  We need to see a headshot AND a body shot in order to get a good idea of what you look like!


Send good pictures.

You absolutely do not need professional photos to apply to Azalea.  If you have them, GREAT!  If you do not have professional photos, take the time to have a friend or family member shoot a couple of digitals images for you to use.  Yes, you can dig through your facebook gallery or that shoebox of photos under your bed, but you may end up with blurry shots, photos that have friends in them, or bad lighting.  A great party shot may be the way you like seeing yourself, but remember that this is a professional job opportunity!


Find a well lit spot in your home (sunlight is great) with a plain wall behind you.  Snap a full body shot and then a face shot (remember to smile).  You don’t need a fancy camera, even your cell phone will take a good image if you keep the background uncluttered and you have enough light!


Know your information.

When you are applying, don’t skip an entry and take your time.  Did you know nearly 30% of the entries we get list the current date in the “date of birth” slot?  Read carefully.  We ask for information that is important for us assess if you are a good fit for Azalea.  Before you hit “submit” look over everything and make sure you don’t have any typos.


Keep it Classy.

You are applying to work with Azalea.  Treat this like you would treat any other job opportunity.  No one has ever been turned away because of their email address, but you will certainly look more professional if your email implies that you are.  A simple email with your name is always a better choice than an something like “”.  Remember, email addresses are free.  It’s not a bad idea to create an email to use for professional reasons.  The first impression that you make matters!