Frequently Asked Questions

About Azalea Agency

Are There Fees to Join Azalea?

Azalea Agency does not have a signing charge.  Azalea takes a fee when talent are booked for jobs.  That fee is 10% for AFTRA and SAG jobs and 20% for modeling, styling, and non union projects.  This is the industry standard.

When Do Jobs Happen?

The majority of auditions, gosees and jobs take place Monday through Friday from 9a-5p.  It is essential that your job or school schedule is flexible.  Azalea Agency usually has less than 48 hours notice for auditions and jobs.

Who Are Azalea’s Clients?

Azalea’s clients include casting directors, production companies, marketing firms,  advertising agencies and photographers.  Azalea currently works with over 700 different companies, both local to St Louis and across the country.

Is Azalea an Exclusive Agency?

Azalea is an exclusive agency and if we want to work with you, you will need to sign a contract.  Our contract is for the St Louis area and does not prohibit you from signing with an agent in another market.  Azalea contracts are good for one year and do not self renew.

How to Become a Talent

When Will I Hear from Azalea?

Submissions to Azalea Agency are reviewed twice a month.  If we are interested in meeting with you, we will contact you within one month via email to schedule an appointment or invite you to our New Faces Casting.

When are the New Faces Castings?

Azalea Agency holds a New Faces Casting eight times a year.  If we are interested in meeting with you, we will contact you via email and invite you to the next available Casting.

What Can I Expect at The New Faces Casting?

Azalea Agency’s New Faces Castings are designed so that you can show off your skills and you can sit down to meet with Mandi.  We will ask you to bring hard copies of your photos, headshot and resume to the casting.  Additionally, we will send you a script for you to memorize and perform on camera at the casting.

At the New Faces Casting, you will first be asked to perform your script.  Afterwards, you will get a chance to sit with Mandi and discuss any questions you might have regarding Azalea.

Within one week of the casting, you will hear from Azalea with either a contract offer or feedback regarding your audition.

Do I Need Professional Photos to Submit?

You do not need professional photos or a professional headshot to submit for review to Azalea Agency.  In fact, if you do not currently have professional marketing materials, we advise that you wait until you are signed with an agent to proceed with obtaining those materials.  Digital photos are perfect for Azalea to review if you are a new face.

How to Book a Talent

What are the Rates?

Talent rates depend on many things, so please contact Azalea and we can discuss your particular project and determine rates.

Where do I start?

Looking for the perfect face or voice for your project?  Browse the site and see if you can find a great fit!  If you are looking for something extra special, contact Azalea and we can help you narrow your options down.

Can I audition talent?

Do you need to see or hear your script in action?  Azalea is always happy to arrange an audition for you!  Talent can either come to your location for an in person audition or Azalea can arrange to audition for you and send you the results.  Just contact us to make the arrangements.

Once Signed with Azalea

Professional Marketing Materials

In order to be marketable in this industry, you must have professional photos.  Without photos, a client has no idea what you look like or who you are.  After you are signed with Azalea, we will discuss what style of photography you need and recommendations of photographers will be made.  These professional photos will be used to create a headshot for you and will be used here, on Azalea’s website.

Should I join SAG or AFTRA?

Azalea Agency markets union and nonunion talent for on camera and voiceover work.  We are franchised with the local actor’s union, AFTRA and also represent SAG talent.  The decision to go union or stay nonunion is unique to each actor and something we will happily discuss with you once you are under contract.