Summer Slump? Hardly.

Posted July 7, 2011

As I know my talent have noticed, it’s been a bit slow this summer.  Generally, May and June are hopping, but one of the things I count on in this business is that no year is like the year before.  This past February had me running in circles to keep up with all of the castings and that is rare, so it seems natural that a time I usually count on as busy will be laid back.

Now, there have been some great bookings the past couple of months, but nearly all of them were direct bookings with no casting.  I admit, those sorts of gigs are far nicer for me as an agent, but I know talent like the chance to auditions and earn a gig.

The good news is that things are picking up nicely and my clients seem excited about jobs that are in the prep stage now.  That means fresh auditions and go sees are close behind.

So, how can you make the most out of a slow period?  Easy, focus on your skills and materials while you can!  It’s a great time to shoot new headshots or reassess your current images.  Maybe it’s time to swap out your main photo with a different image from the same shoot.  Clients love seeing a new angle!

Take a few minutes to look over your resume.  Are there new projects you can add?  Have you learned any new skills that might perk up your “special skills” section?  Is it time to edit a few old gigs and replace them with something newer?

While you are tweaking your materials, think about polishing up your skills as well.  Perhaps a class or workshop would be worth your time.  Even the most seasoned pro can benefit from a class occasionally.  You might learn something new and odds are good you will get your creative juices flowing!  I find that more and more clients appreciate improv skills from talent.  If you feel like your camera tricks are strong, consider a local improv class to learn how to think on your feet!

I know it can be frustrating to wait around during slower periods, but remember that the industry goes through slumps and rushes all the time and before you know it you will be running around from client to job to audition again soon!  So sit back, enjoy the summer, but most importantly, make sure you are ready to go when the phone starts ringing!