What to Wear to your Audition Part 2

Posted May 19, 2011

Let’s go through those different wardrobe groups again, shall we?  If you haven’t taken a look at What to Wear to your Audition Part 1, be sure to read through it for even more tips on putting together the perfect outfit.

Nice Casual

Nice casual wardrobe is usually for roles where the client is casting an everyday person type.  A mom, a neighbor, a friend.  These are lifestyle shoots and you need to look approachable.  Think about what you might wear if you were to have a nice lunch at an outdoor cafe with an old friend.  Stores that sell this style include Banana Republic, J Crew and Gap.

Upscale Casual

The word upscale gets tacked on when the client wants to appeal to a higher income customer.  Usually the product is a little more exclusive or posh and the client wants to bring that energy to the role.  My casino clients always ask for Upscale Casual wardrobe.  Think Michael Kors, Ann Taylor, Kenneth Cole.

Business and Business Casual

Business wardrobe means looking like you mean business.  For the guys, this means a suit, plain and simple.  For business casual you can get by without a sport jacket or suit coat, but you should still aim for a buttoned up shirt and a tie.  Ladies have more flexibility here.  You need to look like an office professional, but you have more options than a suit.  A fitted skirt and cardigan can often get the feel across.  Women need to wear heels for business auditions.  Spokesperson roles are almost always a business wardrobe.


There is rarely wardrobe direction for kids outside of “cute”.  A pop of bright color always adds a youthful vibe.  Kid still need to look pulled together without looking too stuffy.  If your child has an after school audition, it’s usually a good idea to save the audition outfit until it’s time for the audition, rather than letting your child wear it all day.  You can get great wardrobe ideas for kids at Gap, J Crew and Gymboree.


There are so many great places to shop no matter your budget.  Check out catalogs and websites for some of the higher end options and then see if you can find a great deal on something similar at TJ Maxx or even Target.

Also, if you are ever unsure of a look, snap a quick picture and send me an email!  That’s what I am here for!