Non Paid Projects

Occasionally, I will get calls from local theatre groups, student films, or independent filmmakers for talent. These are non paid projects, but might be worth your time if you need experience on set or a resume builder. Generally talent are provided with meals on set and a copy of the finished project for your demo reel. Unless otherwise noted, you may contact theses clients directly if you are interested in a project. If you have any questions, please email me!

Past Lives Productions is seeking talent for a film trailer that will be used in fundraising for a full length feature. The shoot will take place in Springfield, MO and is non paid. Talent interested should submit headshot and resume to

Character  – What Did She Say


Vesna – Female 20-25 years of age.

From Croatia but speaks Serbian and English.

Comes to america believing she will be a hostess but discovers her employers want her to be a stripper. On the night she is to do her debut at the club she dashes off stage and flees with Matthew and his friends. She is wanting to escape Viktor and Luka and make a life of her own away from a pre arranged marriage.


Matthew – Male 28-35 years of age.

UN interpreter

Engaged to Lori

Three best friends in Kirk, Pricker and Sean

On the night of his bachelor party he helps Vesna escape the club. Next morning vesna is in his apt and he is discovered by Lori. He agrees to help Vesna and is caught between a human trafficing group and some cops.


Kirk – Male 28-35 years of age.


Best friend of Matthew

Grandson to Grandpa Nuttel who owns a bakery. Has been Matthews friend since childhood. Takes him to the club and gets him involved with the situation. Isn’t a great fan of Lori and Matthew’s job. Helps out Vesna as well.


Pricker – Male 28-35 years of age.

Delivery guy for the bakery owned by grandpa N

Good friend of Matthews Since college

He is also part of the group who gets Matthew involved with Vesna. He is constantly nottaking anything seriously and yet is there to help when Matthew needs it.


Sean – Male 28-35 years of age.


Best friend to Lori and friend to Matthew

Assists in setting up Matthew and Vesna situation to smooth things over with Lori. Level headed one of the group. Lives life on the straight and narrow but loves to hang with Matthew and tolerates his other friends. Pines for Lori secretly.


Jake – Male Mid 30s

Bouncer at the club

Driver who gets Vesna to the club.

No nonsense guy who is there for the work and to be with Liam. He does his job and asks no questions.


Viktor – Male Late 50s

Human Trafficking boss

Brings Vesna to dance at the club

originally from Croatia himself

He gets the girls and has them become stripers and protitutes.



Luka – Male Mid 20s

Second in command to Viktor

Ruthless and cold with no other goal then to be the boss of the organisation someday one way or the other.


Lori – Female Mid 20s

Engaged to Matthew

Curator at an art gallery

Well off

Catches Matthew and Vesna together she is very much in love with Matthew has animosity to Kirk. She loves the fact Matthew is successful and dreams of their happy life together.


Grandpa Nuttel – Male early to Mid 70s

Bakery owner

Kirks grandpa

Helps out Matthew and Vesna.


Detective 1- Male 40s

He is planning to get Viktor and involves Matthew in the plan along with detective 2


Detective 2- Male young 20s

fresh out of the academy look

Gets Matthew to interpret some tapes by blackmail.




Characters Description:

Karmen Female Lead: Age: 22-27, Ethnicity: Any, Look: Very attractive


Extras: Age: 22-27, Ethnicity: Any


The day and time of the audition is set for Dec 5th at 7pm. The location of the audition is at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. The address is 3400 Pershall rd. St. Louis, MO 63033. Please bring your head shot and resume. You all can meet us in the Student Center. You can park in the big parking lot in the front. The script will be available for you at the audition for your cold read and you will also be doing some improv. We are just beginning this series so this opportunity is not paid, but it is a great opportunity for upcoming actress/actors to gain more experience and have fun while doing it. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at


A LONESOME AFFAIR Casting Director: Katie Sherwood

Student Film Casting Assistant: n/a

SAG Interview Dates: Oct. 19th, 2013

Webster University Shoot/Start Date: February 2014

Pay Rate: Copy, Credit, Meals

Location: St. Louis, MO




LOGLINE: An unfaithful wife is about to have an affair but meets conflict when she gets kidnapped.


[KELLY] FEMALE, TO PORTRAY 28-45 YEARS OLD. Kelly is a very attractive women who loves to go out and drink socially. Her husband is a traveling business man who is never home to give Kelly the love and attention she needs. Kelly will flirt with any guy who is willing to give her both love and attention. LEAD. ALL ETHNICITIES. CHARACTER SMOKES.


[DAVE] MALE, TO PORTRAY 28-45 YEARS OLD. Dave has been with Kelly for years. Dave is a traveling businessman who started this job a few years ago. He is never home because he is always off traveling. Dave is oblivious of the affair Kelly is having.  SUPPORTING. ALL ETHNICITIES.

If interested, email headshot and resume to



OF CALLIOPE COHEN Casting Director: Katie Sherwood

Student Film Casting Assistant: n/a

SAG Interview Dates: Oct. 19th, 2013

Webster University Shoot/Start Date: February 2014

Pay Rate: Copy, Credit, Meals

Location: Belleville, IL




LOGLINE: Calliope Cohen’s last days before she leaves home for the first time.


[CALLIOPE] FEMALE, TO PORTRAY 18-25 YEARS OLD. Calliope is depressed and dramatic about her life since her boyfriend broke up with her. She is having a hard time making her mind up about moving to California. She has two supportive best friends, Quinn and Sookie. SUPPORTING. CAUCASIAN.


[QUINN] FEMALE, TO PORTRAY 18-25 YEARS OLD. Quinn is a very optimistic person. She is best friends with Calliope and does her best to encourage Calliope to move to California and get over her ex. LEAD. CAUCASIAN.


[SOOKIE] FEMALE, TO PORTRAY 18-25 YEARS OLD. Sookie is very outspoken and in people’s faces. She has no filter. She is best friends with Calliope and Sam. SUPPORTING. AFRICAN AMERICAN.


[SAM] MALE, TO PORTRAY 18-25 YEARS OLD. Sam is tall geeky nerd who liked to play video games. He broke up with Calliope and is dating someone else. Sam is a jerk who does not pay attention to Calliope. SUPPORTING. CAUCASIAN.


[COLIN] MALE, TO PORTRAY 18-25 YEARS OLD. Colin shorter than Sam but also very nerdy. He loves playing computer games. SUPPORTING. CAUCASIAN.

If interested, email headshot and resume to


Girl Punk Rock Band Short Film

A Short Film



Casting Director Ryan Caldwell

Director April Berryman


CASTING CALL November 23rd

TIME: 11am-3pm

Location: Webster University Sverdrup Building


Ten minute appointments will be scheduled please email availability, resumes and headshots.



An all girls punk band’s label forces the band to make changes to their image, and a young spirited girl doesn’t like this one bit.


[SID HOOK] Female, portray 21- 25 Lead/Any Ethnicity


Description: The singer and guitar player of a punk rock band. She is a feminist and a Rebel with a cause. She is a very angry because the label wants to change her image. She is a free spirit who doesn’t want others to influence her. Has integrity but cussing is a major way she expresses herself.

(Character cusses throughout the script)


[KRYSTAL WATT] Female, portray 21-25 Main/Any Ethnicity


Description: The Drummer, and the wild child who will do anything for attention. Dye hair is an absolute. Purple! Goes with the flow when it comes to what the label is doing and wants the money that the label is offering her.

(Character cusses throughout the script)


[JACKIE KELLY] Female, portray 21-25 Main/Any Ethnicity


Description: The bass player. The normal band member whose drive is to be famous. Pixie short hair cut is a must.

Character cusses throughout the script)


[SHEILA] Female, portray 25-30, Supporting/Any Ethnicity


Description: A fierce executive of the bands new label. A control freak and can be very manipulative to change the band for their own good.



[HANK/Camera Operator] Male, portray 18-22 Supporting/Any Ethnicity


A friend to the band but is like the annoying brother.  He is filming a documentary of the band and gets in the girl’s personal space whether they like it or not. Comic relief.  Never will be on front of camera. Will be a voice actor.

If interested, email headshot and resume to





Webster University Senior Thesis Student


Casting call at Webster University on October 19, 2013.

SAG Student Film Agreement

Shooting dates are TBA but will be sometime in February or March 2014.



A camp counselor is thrown into a predicament after the tortellini

dinner is ruined and there are hungry kids ready to eat as well as a

camp inspector to impress.


Zoe [LEAD] Female, any ethnicity to portray 20-23. Athletic body type, tom boy, and the all American Girl Scout. Zoe is an egocentric leader who has her own sarcastic, cleaver way to keep things under control. She is prideful and caring of her camp but fears that the camp is not as good as she portrays it to be. Competitive with herself and other camp counselors as she is not much of a team player.


Helen [LEAD] Female, any ethnicity to portray 40-60 years of age. Helen is a hired inspector with a presence of authority who shows no empathetic. She is overseeing the camp to find if it needs to make any changes to the program. She is a quiet observer who can express disapproval with a single glance.


Jorge [Supporting] Male, Spanish ethnicity to portray 6-9 years of age. The comic relief. Must have or be able to have a Spanish accent. Jorge is hard to understand what he is saying at time but is an adorable camper who keeps to himself and makes his own fun.


Taylor [Supporting] Female, any ethnicity to portray 16-20 years of age. Taylor is one of the first year teen counselors who is clueless and ditsy.


Boy Teenage Camper [Supporting] Male, any ethnicity to portray 14-15 years of age. He is one of the older campers who has a punk side who is going through his puberty stage.


Teen Counselors [Extras] – Male and Female to portray 15-18.


Campers [Extras] – Male and Female to portray 7-13 years of age.

If interested, email headshot and resume to



Student Film


Director: Forest Wharton

Casting Director: Gabe Levy

Pay: Copy, credit, meals

Casting: Fall 2013

Shoot/Start Date: February/March 2014

Location: St. Louis, MO


Log Line: After “drinking the Kool-Aid,” three young cult members must discover why they are still alive in this broad, dark comedy.

[NATHANIEL] Male, 20-30, lead, all ethnicities. A former high school quarter and a bit of a horndog. Self-centered and without much care for anyone besides himself, Nathaniel never does anything in small doses.